Sunday, December 29, 2013


The history of the first Navy cruiser to carry the name Detroit began with her launching on October 28,  1891 at the Columbian Iron Works in Baltimore.  USS DETROIT (C 10) was commissioned on July 20,1893.  Commander W. H. Bronson, USN, was her first commanding officer.  Bronson went on to achieve the rank of Rear Admiral.  Among his duties assignments as a Flag officer included being Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis.

It wasn't long until USS DETROIT and her crew responded to her first international crisis, sailing from Norfolk on October 5 that year for Rio de Janeiro to protect U.S. citizens and interests during revolutionary disturbances in Brazil.

She remained in Rio's harbor and nearby waters until the spring of 1894, returning to her homeport of Norfolk on April 24.  Less than six months later, she sailed for 2 years of duty on the Asiatic Station, cruising the Chinese coast and making port calls in Japan and Korea. 

Her other duty assignments until her decommissioning in 1905 are documented on the Naval Historical and Heritage Command's website.  Enjoy!

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